We are an enthusiastic team of IT professionals. We offer a range of services in the field of IT and cater to IT solutions, outsourcing, recruitment and development requirements of small to large business houses across various industries in the UK . With our expertise in IT resourcing, deployment and consultancy, we offer unrivalled service in the following areas of IT



Desktop Support

Web Presence Strategy & Planning

Web Design, Development & Hosting

Interactive Multimedia Presentations

Application Service Providers

IT Consultancy Services

Corporate Training

E-commerce Solutions

IT Cleaning

IT Infrastructure Development, Implementation and Support

Network Architecture, Implementation & Support


iTech Services Limited has a rich resource of qualified and experienced IT Engineers, Trainers, Developers and Consultants. Our team is qualified across various areas of IT including Networking, Software, Web and Hardware. Our team qualifications range from vendor certifications to Degree and Masters Programmes. Professional Qualifications include qualifications from Microsoft, Cisco, CompTIA, Sun Microsystems, Oracle and Adobe. Our talent pool also comprises of professionals with Association of Computer Professionals, British Computer Society, and Oxford Cambridge & RSA qualified professionals.

The philosophy has always been to create a strong team of fully qualified and outstanding professionals in the Information Technology arena to meet worldwide challenges that face businesses and trade. All professionals possess equal amount of theory and practical knowledge which empowers the professionals with sound knowledge of their subjects and gives them an extra edge over others. Qualified engineers equipped with good practical and technical knowledge of the current industry trends are more favourable. Hence, they are available to work in a highly competitive environment with minimum or no training.

It is our endeavour to encompass a team of fully qualified and outstanding professionals in the Information Technology arena to meet worldwide challenges that face industry and commerce.

We offer unparalleled solutions through each of our development programmes. The company is dedicated to providing superior IT solutions for individuals and businesses. We assure quality of services you receive.

IT relocation and Server Moves are areas in which we present a trained team of engineers who are qualified and capable of delivering high quality results. While working with servers and other critical IT equipments our engineers will assure safety, efficiency and responsibility. We are able to offer standard services but are also willing to discuss your particular requirements and customise services according to individual requirements.

We assure you of our best services and prompt attentions at all times.

Client Comments

"Guys have done a fantastic job with regards to the Corporates Moves, the project was a very complex move and was certainly a challenge.  All went incredibly well, with very minimal issues  on the Monday morning and what there was, your guys reacted very quickly to resolve.  This project would not have ran as smoothly as it did if it was not for the huge input that your guys had.  The phase was by far the most complicated of them all and your team had very limited information from the clients. 

However, your guys did what they could to make the best of what they had and did a remarkable job at doing so.

We very much appreciate the time and effort that all your guys put into this project. From all the team, please pass on our thanks and appreciation to all."

Head of IT - London SW8




"You all did well and I must say you really impressed us. You are definitely our preferred contractor now!"

Facilities and Office Manager - London EC4M




"Pass on our and the clients thanks, it was always going to be a challenging move and the teams just go on and did what they needed to do without fault."

Move Manager - Canada Square, London E14




"The tech crew we had this weekend were really great, maybe one of our best. Hardly any errors which was great. The two this morning were amazing, proactive, happy, and willing to do anything. 

Thank you so much!"

Client Services - Bressenden Place, SW1E



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